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The fundamentals of Eveline Kusnyar’s visual world are the memories experienced together with family and friends, the mood and the adjusted feelings of first impressions. Her works are edging between childhood and adulthood, where animal identities serve as portayals, along with the faceless, hiding figures. Her fundamental motive is the rabbit, in every possible form. Real and unreal items and situations flow from painting to painting, so her works create an impression of a light game.

"...how can you give back these feelings appearing on the edge of dreams and reality"

Individual exhibitions

Group exhibitions


2023 My children, Budapest, Open Gallery
2021 Natural habitat, Budapest, Kispont Gallery
2018 My bunny, my rules, Prieston Showroom
           Vague convention, Debrecen, Youth house
2017 Surface, Budapest, FISE Gallery
2015 Momentary silence, Budapest, Amatár
            Tam, Budapest, FISE Gallery
2013 Pillars, Budapest, FISE Gallery
2012 Rabbit community, Budapest, Oktogon House
           Dreamland, Budapest, Krisztina Palace

important stops

2023 Ability, Budapest, FISE Gallery
2022 Motives, Budapest, Deák17 Gallery
Experiment, Budapest, Kiscelli Museum
FISE40, Budapest, B32” Gallery
Godot Art Fair, Budapest, Godot Institute
South-Balaton Art Fair, Szólád, Townhall
Caught it, Hévíz, Downtown Gallery
2020 Godot Art Fair, Budapest, Godot Institute
Body image, Budapest, Kiscelli Museum
2019 Godot Art Fair, Budapest, Godot Institute 
2018 Silently, Budapest, Kiscelli Museum 
2017 Fise 35 art.craft.design, Budapest, B32 Gallery
2014 Solstitium, Budapest, Zsófi Faur Gallery
2013 Crossings, Budapest, B55 Gallery
Dawn, Budapest, Balassi Institute
Not what it seems, Budapest, Zsófi Faur Gallery
2012 7Days, Budapest, Gozsdu Court
6x6x2012, Rochester NY, Contemporary Art Center

Individual exhibitions



2023, 2021, 2013 NKA Creator fellowship

2021 Godot Art Fair prize

2015 Endre Horváth prize

2013 Unicredit small art prize

2011-2014 AmA House Art workshop

Individual exhibitions



Instagram: @eveline.kusnyar

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