In my works I capture the everyday life of my children. While I paint existing scenes, I mix events and enhance them, so besides the ordinary themes I can also show my own past and my childhood experiences. This is what the rabbit represents, what I put on all my works in different forms.

The detailed elements of figures are complemented with homogenous surfaces. I often use found things, embroidery or rudimentary drawings of my children on my paintings.

Text descriptions for my artworks on this webpage were written by Szilárd Pokorny and translated to English by the best husband ever.

Two little deers having fun without foul. One found the mushroom, leading to the bother of the other. Hats off for both.

2023, acrylic on Canvas, 50x60 cm


Deer should not make, foul,
Forget the problem, sadness,
In the center of the round forest,
Let the light in to the darkness,
Find all the mushrooms,
And raise all the fedoras.

Straight to the point:
when life wears you down,
we halt,
so all is beautiful afterwards.

2023, ACRYLIC ON CANVAS, 100x120 cm


Life is full of signs and figures.
Mucus turns into light strips on our hands.
Everybody has a snail house.

2023, ACRYLIC ON CANVAS, Golden smoke
40x30 cm


Don't touch the fish, it's fishy,
May the cat kick it,
Don't scale if it did it,
Not having it eaten is what matters.

The small rabbits, the small rabbits,
Inflate a huge swimming rubber
Zigzag like little fish
Appear out of rubber.

2023, ACRYLIC ON CANVAS, 100x100 cm


When water comes, when water comes
We cannot not get wet
Salty taste or chlorinated
Runs through my mouth
Runs through your mouth

2023, ACRYLIC ON CANVAS, 90x70 cm


Today I hold it and you will.
The cat, just like our lives.
With you I'm safe.
We can be afraid though.

2023, ACRYLIC ON CANVAS, golden smoke 40x40 cm

At the hairdresser

Old hair falling in the dust.
Will be nice from now on.
My pelt no longer fades.
My heart races.

2023, ACRYLIC ON CANVAS, 30x30 cm


This is the problem of life:
a huge pile of mushrooms.
I'm angry about it.
No idea who I received it from.

2022, ACRYLIC ON CANVAS, 40x30 cm


Do check if the sun went down
What you own is already ruined
Look directly at the sun
And don't be jealous of yourself

2022, ACRYLIC ON CANVAS, 90x70 cm


Life is a gift.
The big game started.
Be on the lookout, be observant,
So you can win it, little skilful.

2022, ACRYLIC ON CANVAS, 90x70 cm


Every day an empty chair
I leave myself in them
I could be so happy
Wait, I am happy...

A földből, lám, minden kinő.
Mindenki férfi, mindenki nő.
Minden ember öltözködő.
Jelmezét magára veszi,
arcát szíve elé teszi.

2023, ACRYLIC ON CANVAS, spears, 40x30 cm

Dressing up

From the ground, see, all grows up.
Everybody's male, everybody's female.
Every human dresses up.
Puts on their dress,
puts their face in front of the heart.

You ain't no different, recognize:
you are the dress of the Earth.
Still, you are different, recognize:
You are the crown jewel of Earth.

2022, ACRYLIC ON CANVAS, bird feather, 40x30 cm


On the table of world's end
There you sit, legs hanging
A little rabbit jumps below you
And will be happy you found it.

2022, ACRYLIC ON CANVAS, golden smoke 100x1200 cm


You have the golden thread
You know where to go next
Grab onto it, go after it
And you all bravely follow

If this is the thread of fate, now
together you will find everything

2021, ACRYLIC ON CANVAS, golden smoke, 70x90 cm


My little boy ate his little life with a little spoon
Took the little spoon with him for every step
When he could not find it, he forgot
Even the sky became dark above him

We draw the stripe
Nothing has no colour
Nothing may stay white
On the page in front of us

2021, ACRYLIC ON CANVAS, 70x90 cm


Three little rabbits, we are here
Escaped from the sadness
If it rains, the wind blows or the sun shines
We collect the flowers
We change the world
Here, under the rainbow.

2021, ACRYLIC ON CANVAS, golden smoke, 60x50 cm


Two little rabbits meet
Put together what they are
If they are bad, they get twice as bad
If they are good, they get twice as good
As little brothers they share
Put together what they are
Get a kiss from mom.

2021, ACRYLIC ON CANVAS, golden smoke, 40x40 cm

Treasure seeker

At the flower age daisies flourish at the end of our garden
When we moved into a new house we left them all in the old
The smell is with us, petals are fallen: our Dead sea
Memories arrive on the hairy feet of three little rabbits

2021, ACRYLIC ON CANVAS, 90x90 cm

Rabbit girl

Above the clouds there are sky rabbits
Stretching beyond life and death
Rabbit girls in socks
Ordinary rabbit citizens
Have no clue what's going on now.

2020, ACRYLIC ON CANVAS, 60x80 cm


Cat, rabbit, barely feral
You're so human amongst us
They smell your hands and feet
And you just tower over them

2019, ACRYLIC ON CANVAS, yarn, 80x60 cm

The best day

The best day is the one, which
shines above you on the sky
The best day, when dawn
paints clouds with orange oil
The best day, when a titmouse
lands on your messy curls
The best day is the one today
If I could just paint it

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